ten|x is an advisory and business development firm specializing in open innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the tradition of the great Silicon Valley companies we see ourselves as a garage. We don't hypothesize - we experiment, we get our hands dirty and we build things. We are entrepreneurs to the core. We have unique experiences in building open innovation systems, creating technologies used by hundreds of millions of people and bring Silicon Valley-thinking to companies around the world.

We aim to make things better - by 10x, not 10%.

Pascal Finette


ten|x was founded by Pascal Finette, a German-born serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience at the intersection of entrepreneurship and technology. Our team has worked with Internet powerhouses such as Google, eBay and Mozilla; as well as innovative startups and governments around the world.

Our expertise is anchored in cross-disciplinary experience, our deep understanding of technology and its impact on society and organizations. We apply entrepreneurial and design thinking to all aspects of our work, be it building technology accelerators to creating and implementing open innovation practices within global corporations.

Today, we are seeing new technologies leading to exponential, not linear, growth. We are in the midst of a transition away from Moore's Law (which predicts a doubling in CPU power every two years) to trends of accelerated development and adoption. ten|x is uniquely positioned to make sense of these trends and explore the opportunities which arise out of this sea change in technology.

"The rate of innovation is a function of the number of people connected and exchanging ideas."Peter Diamandis


We believe you are a unique client with a distinct and exciting need. We do not produce cookie-cutter results. We believe you deserve a process tailored to your specific requirements, and we will work closely with you to define each project scope and outcome.

We have four guiding principles that define who we are and what we believe in:

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